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So Barbara Bush got married

So Barbara Bush got married.

I saw the headline today, so I was reminded of the night Barbara’s grandfather George H.W. Bush was nominated for president in New Orleans.

I was assigned to photograph the Vice President Bush and his family in their hotel room as they watched the nomination proceedings on TV. Four other photographers and I were escorted to the hotel room four hours earlier so that we could place our cameras in the room and they could be swept and cleared by the security detail.

Claiming my spot, I laid my cameras on the floor in the corner, one with a 20 mm wide angle lens and my second with a 180 telephoto.

When the time came for the picture, we were escorted back into the room, and we took our positions with only a few minutes to prepare.

When I reached for my gear, my camera with the wide angle lens (which was now laying on its back) had been filled to the top of the lens shade with crumbled butter cookies.

I looked across the room at the two granddaughters, Jenna and Barbara (Barbara is the little one) looking sweet and mischeivious.

Luckily, I was able to remove the clear filter from the lens and toss it in my bag. Maybe I should have shot it with the filter on. Smeared butter adds a nice soft-focus effect.

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